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    Hi everyone. With all of my contracted customers in the past I have made them pay for the services at the completion of the month. I have noticed a few people state that they charge before that current months services have started. Do you guys like this method better? I have one customer that never pays on time but does pay and never had an issue with it bouncing right now they still owe for a fall clean up. I just went over there the other night and said did you need another copy of the bill? Their response was we are all paid up. So I said I will email you another copy and I called the next day and she said I am going to put a check in the mail. The pay before system sounds much better to me. I am seriously considering doing that this year! Let me know your feelings on this please!

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    I wondered the same thing not long ago, on here.
    Check this out.


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      One time services are all paid at the completion of the job. That is the way I do it. Nobody has a problem with that. Just state to the customer that it needs to be that way to cover your costs.


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        The faster you can get your money the better.

        If you can bill in advance or get prepaid for the year, that is great.

        Next at times we see customer lists split in two with half billed mid month and half billed at the end of the month to make for better cash flow. That way you get checks in every two weeks from different customers and it helps pay the bills.
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