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    We can learn a lot from other businesses. This was a great article about John England. He tried many many businesses and failed at a bunch, but he learned along the way and applies what he learned to his current business.

    When ever you read about these restaurants, you see a common theme, that the hours are really rough. Would you ever want to run one in the future?

    Order Up: Hot Tomatoes Pizzeria - England knew he wanted to become a businessman when he was 14 years old, he said during a recent interview. England lived in White Plains, N.Y. until 1970, when his family moved to Williamstown. John started a lawn mowing venture when he was 14 and he later worked as a carpenter and construction worker.

    England shared business tips and strategies that he believes may be helpful to entrepreneurs.

    * When looking for a business location, research extensively.
    "Besides your business plan, this aspect of your business should be second in time allotted," England said.

    * Become involved in community events and activities.
    "People like to know that you [as a business owner] care about them."

    * Treat employees with respect.
    "If your employee happens to make a costly mistake, do not yell at them, it solves nothing. Not only will you be stressed out, your employee will be stressed out an if there are any customers present, they will be stressed out. Consumers want to have good feelings associated with your business."

    * Before opening any new business seek an objective opinion. Determine whether the economy and demographics of the area are favorable for the business.

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