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    Do you offer cleanup for downed trees?

    Do you have a chainsaw to use when needed? How often have you had to use it?

    Ice Storm Big Business For Tree Trimmers - "I kept waking up all night hearing things fall but I wasn't sure what was falling 'til we got up," said Janet Edwards, Kirkwood homeowner. Edwards' 30-year-old white pine was among the casualties. "You hate to lose something so majestic and beautiful."

    But what's bad for homeowners is good for Ray's Tree Service. Business is booming with employees working from dawn to dark. They're even busier than they were last July. "This seems a little worse than the last storm we had," said Louis Willyerd.

    Trees all over Hill Drive in Kirkwood were pulled out of the ground like weeds. And cleanup is expensive. "I'm hearing $1200," said homeowner Tom Ford. "I might lock in with that guy pretty soon." But he adds, the loss is greater than just dollars and cents.

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