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Going rate for holiday lighting?

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  • Going rate for holiday lighting?

    This article sheds a little light on how much an lco is charging for holiday lighting services.

    What do you think of the prices? Too high? Too low? Or just right?

    Christmas their time to shine - "Everything is custom-fit to the house," Divers says, noting they even hide extension cords, "at least 85 percent of them."

    Usually he'll encourage the homeowner to start off with something small, manageable, and add on as the years go by.

    "Most of our contracts are between $300 and $800," he says, but a few, where thousands and thousands of lights are used and professional displays are installed, cost homeowners as much as $15,000 to $20,000 and more.

    "You can get a nice setup from between $800 and $1,200," he says, showing off a photo of his favorite job, which is understated, but arranged in perfect lines on bushes and along a garlanded archway at the front of a home.

    Divers is quick to point out that most people who use his service are middle class, and not rich at all.

    "This is what they choose to spend their money on," he says, "because they love Christmas that much. They budget for it."

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