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  • Marketing Directors - Avg. Cost to Obtain Customer


    The company I work for is interested in hiring a direct mailing service and beginning an ad campaign this spring to promote our lawn treatment business.

    I have seen this subject discussed here before, but I cannot find the threads containing these discussions anymore. Would anyone be willing to share numbers as far as their average cost to obtain customer with direct mailings or other marketing methods?

    Finally, has anyone found any special programs that work best for our type of business? Ideally, I'd like a service that does repeat mailings, around 5 times.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Turftalk,

    I think this is one of the best direct mail marketing discussions we have had.

    Here is a discussion on mailing lists.

    A lot of your questions should be answered by reading those.

    What kind of services are you looking to market? Lawn care? Fertilizing? Other?

    Are you interested in having another company print and mail your material while you choose the list they will mail it too? Or do you want it all handled by a marketing company?
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