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Good Idea to Price by Neighborhood?

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  • Good Idea to Price by Neighborhood?

    The area I live in is pretty diverse. The neighborhood I live in is an average middle-class neighborhood with average size yards. Directly across the street is a very upscale neighborhood, many of which have very large yards. 5 minutes down the street is a discreet trailer park, all of which have small yards.

    Would it be a wise idea to pass out different flyers to each neighborhood with different prices for each? For example, flyers throughout my neighborhood advertising $25 per cut, the neighborhood across the street for $30 per cut, and the trailer park for $20. I'm not sure what I'm so skeptical about, but I'm just not sure.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Perhaps it would be better to put on the flyer a more generic phrase like:

    prices start at $20*,

    at the bottom have a disclaimer that reads:

    * larger properties will be slightly more.


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      What if you didn't put any prices on it and waited to give a price until you met up with the customer and looked over their property? That way there wouldn't be any surprises.
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        I'm a noob at this, but I wouldn't put a "set in stone" price on any advertising unless it is something that would cost the same for EVERYONE.

        "*Starting at" is a reasonable alternative. (or "from $X.XX)


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          NO Price on Ads

          Why would you want to put a price on the ad? customer is going to call you thinking they get the price stated on your ad. Then you show up and quote them a differnt price, they ask what about your ad price. Then you have spend 45 minutes telling them that is the base price. Leave the price off and quote them when you get to the house!


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            Why not print up the flyer with a blank area for price and fill it in when you leave the flyer?


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              Like steve said i think it is best to not put any price on the advertisments at all... this way you and the customer can both agree on a fair price for the property. Also their will be no surprises that will come your way after the contract is agreed on.


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