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    Do the Salvation Army bell ringers annoy you when you go to stores? Do you tend to try to shop elsewhere?

    It appears Target thinks so. They have banned the Salvation Army for the third straight year.

    Don't worry, they aren't hurting for money. In 2004 Joan B. Kroc's donated a history-making, $1.5 billion. Joan's husband created the McDonald Restaurants.

    What's your view?

    Target gives cash, but not permission for bells - Target Corp. is slipping $1 million into The Salvation Army’s kettle, but it still won’t allow the familiar holiday bell-ringers in front of its stores.

    This will be the third year that Target has banned the bell-ringers from its stores. But Salvation Army spokeswoman Melissa Temme said other changes could make up much of the $9 million the charity used to raise each year in front of Target stores.
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