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Need Help resolving a client complaint.

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    Do you recommend this be giving on the spot while you are there with the customer?

    Also, should the thank you and estimate be separate or on the same paper?
    Every client is a bit different, some you know from the start they only want/can afford to have what they asked for, I will always try to mention other things I see that we can do, I tell them I will provide an estimate for what they asked for and what other things we can do.

    I have a laptop and printer in the truck and I have standard paragraph's covering a service that I tweak, I will sometimes provide a verbal quote on the spot and then email it from the truck or if I can't get wireless I can print it, in short every quote is in email or writing.

    The thank you should be in person and in follow up email, in my opinion.
    Halifax, Nova Scotia