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Dealing with Banks?

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  • Dealing with Banks?

    Has anyone ever contracted with banks to handle their forclosures on a weekly/bi-weekly basis? Is there money in it? I saw this add on CL and looks like this is what this gentleman did and then now he is contracting out work. I was debating on actually doing this and hopefully when someone does move into the house I can leave my cards with them and maybe continue.

    See CL Post below:
    Looking for crews to start ASAP in the Austin, TX area. Job details include cutting the grass and cleaning the inside of homes. Large volume of work can be offered to the right person.
    These are foreclosed homes, basic services are needed to keep up property value. Required tools, lawn care equipment, house
    cleaning equipment, Digital camera, high speed internet, basic computer skills, strong work ethic. Very
    easy jobs, and fast payment is guaranteed by contract. Please respond now and we will get you
    started on work for the New Year.

    Please apply with your name, area you live in, areas or mile radius you are willing to cover, and contact information.

    •Location: Austin, TX
    •Compensation: $20 per grass cut, $20 per janitorial
    •This is a part-time job.
    •This is a contract job.

    Would any of you consider doing this? Since I'm only in my first month of working and not busy at this time was thinking I should do it and slowly let go of these jobs as my own jobs start picking up.

    I would appreciate any feedback!


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