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Suggestions for starting Weed control business

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  • Suggestions for starting Weed control business

    Hello everyone,

    Our daughter & future son-in-law want to start up a business for weeding flower beds or any weeding needed around a home, trimming bushes, mulching, planting etc. We are in the lawn care business but just do the mowing.

    Any suggestions on how to market this business would be helpful. Also, what would be the best way to price these type of jobs? By the job, by the hour? They are thinking charging $10 Hr.

    Don't think we are crazy. We live in Florida, so we have weeds all year round. Thank You in advance...Myrlin

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    I started charging $5 per week on most average homes to maintain weeds in beds. I end up spraying about 1 time per month and picking once. I spend about 30 minutes per month on average at each property, so the $20 I get makes it worth while. I charge $32 per hour to clean them if they are bad to start with... that is usually about $100 for initial cleanup, and (26 * 5) $130 for yearly maint. Every customer that has asked me for this service agreed on the spot with the weekly maint price, but a couple weeded the initial time themselves.


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      Hi myrlin,

      I think one of the fastest ways for you to get the word out is to get flyers to your current customers.

      Maybe put them in your invoices? Maybe also offer an initial discount to get started?

      You could also consider offering those services to your customers and simply sub contract out the work to your daughter's new company. That might be an easy wa to get yours customers started with this service.
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        Billz.... Thanks for your input. The way you charge sounds reasonable. I think most people wouldn't mind paying $20 month to keep their weeds under control. Where are you located? Do you mind me asking what spray do you use for the weeds?

        Team Gopher.... I think that's what we are going to do. I will put their flyers in with our invoices and see if they get any response. They have already done a few jobs for a few of our customers but need more jobs. Our dughter is also thinking about putting flyers in plastic sleeves & leaving in driveways. Thanks


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          Team Gopher,

          Our daughter has a flyer for the weeding business. I don't know how to scan it into this. Could I email it to you to look over & give opinions on it? It is in PDF format.


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            Yes please do. I will be able to put it up on the forum for others to review as well.
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              I would also suggest post cards or door hangers to get the word out, print advertising is very effective when properly used.
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                I am in Grand Rapids, MI... I haven't had anyone mention that it was too expensive, and really for about 20 minutes of work per month, it is easy money. We use prosecuter to kill the weeds.


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        're in Grand Rapids. Cool. I am about 2 1/2 hrs north of you