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Problem with authority figures?

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  • Problem with authority figures?

    Are business owners most likely rebels who have a problem with authority figures?

    What's your view on this?

    Meet the bosses - "I don't like authority. I don't like somebody telling me what to do when I can do the job better myself," said Rob Donaldson, a local handyman and landscaper who always worked for a boss until deciding 15 months ago: "Why don't I get a business license?"

    The thousands who joined him in self-employment were primarily concentrated in four sectors: real estate, health care, construction and transportation. A smaller segment that showed significant growth was "entertainment" **** artists, musicians and writers.

    In interviews, entrepreneurs like Donaldson cited independence, flexible hours and better pay as the primary reasons they took the leap into being their own boss. The regional housing boom and increased home equity helped them along, creating a need for an expanded service economy.
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