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  • Background Checks?

    Can you imagine one of your employees having a criminal background and then later go and murder one of your clients?

    Lucia Bone, president of the Sue Weaver CAUSE **** Consumer Awareness of Unsafe Service Employment wants to change this through legislation to require criminal background checks on maintenance workers.

    Do you think this is a good idea or not? Why?

    Murders raise question of background checks - Some residents at the mobile home park where three elderly people were stabbed **** two fatally **** said earlier this week they would probably keep the lawn service they've used for years, even though one of the employees confessed to the murders.

    The suspect, 36-year-old Phillip Ray Hurley, is the son of the woman who owns the lawn service, and the business had been recommended among residents.

    A woman whose sister was murdered in 2003 by an air-conditioning repairman and who is campaigning for a state law requiring background checks for maintenance workers, says perhaps the two murders and the beatings could have been avoided if more was known about Hurley's past.
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    I personally feel that the federal government should provide free background checks for employers instead of employers having to foot the bill. If they did that, then employers would definetly have all employees checked


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