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  • Arps open cutting-edge business

    Have you ever considered opening a mower shop? Well it sure is interesting to see what kind of people open them up and their story behind it.

    Sam Arp opened a Dixie Chopper shop. Congratulations Sam, I hope it all works out for you

    Arps open cutting-edge business - Sam Arp, along with his wife Sarah and his father Sam Arp Sr., opened South Central Indiana Dixie Chopper about three weeks ago and have already been doing a respectable business.

    “I wanted to figure out a way to secure a good program for my little girl's college fund,” said Arp, who is a K9 officer with the Indiana State Police. “And, my dad was wanting to retire out of driving a truck, so we got together.”

    The elder Arp's skills with mechanical parts and engines, along with his history as a parts manager in Paoli, seemed an obvious fit for Arp's history.

    “I used to commercially mow yards for six years,” Arp explained. “I knew from being in the lawn care business that Dixie Chopper had a better mower than our competition. I thought, ‘Here is an excellent mower with no representation down here.'”

    After a trip to Dixie Chopper's headquarters in Putnamm County, Arp was committed to opening a dealership locally. While visiting the main office, he learned the mowers were made domestically, between manufacturing facilities in Indiana, and an engine manufactured in Wisconsin.
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