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    I think you are doing the right thing by getting out of that hole.

    It's so easy to spend money and it can be a lot harder to make it.

    How often do we all see new businesses who buy way more equipment or other things than they need to help them feel like they are successful?
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      I think the worst that I see is when companies buy tons of equipment, and then all it does is sit there in the shop. I know one company in particular that had 3 ZTR's just sitting in the shop collecting dust. I just couldn't believe it. I finally asked him, why did all of the mowers just sit there. And he couldn't give me an answer.


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        It makes you wonder how often we all think if we buy the equipment, the jobs will follow.
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          I did it last year: I bought a brand new aeration and overseeder. The overseeder I only used about 5 times, and the aerator maybe 8 times. Complete waste of money.


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            I think, this highly depends on the person. for example, my father to this day maintains 80 houses per week, with 3 guys under his employment, and he does some kind of plant install job just about each weekend. He is in his mid forties and thats how big his business has always been. He doesnt want to grow any larger, he is living comfortably and thats enough for him. Then theres me, I currently have only 24 maintenance accounts, however 3 are commercial and take a day and a half to complete. I have two guys running the maintenance for me, while I along with a team that ranges from 3 to 12 guys handle construction.
            Also, in the spring there is a strong possibility that i will be picking up a 600+ acre retirement community, which will mean a heck of a lot more employees.

            Thats just landscaping,
            then there is the film production side business I have which consists of
            a screenplay writer
            a director
            a video editor
            2 camera men
            a web editor
            and a graphic designer
            technically more, because the director and two lead camera men have a small team for lighting and sound as well, but they are not paid by me.

            Then the actors, JJ of the landscaper, who has actually been away for college for a while
            Wayne and Mike of Fit In 6, plus the 23 other challengers on the show

            and then our movie in Production, Ratred: The Following
            which has a cast list of over 100.

            I love biting off way more than I can chew, and ill be the first one to say, some things suffer when you branch out to far, I mean my landscape business is pretty much stabile as of now. but add that new contract and it might go haywire.

            By creating this fit in 6 show and filming Ratred, The landscaper has been a tad dormant for a while. We have plans for a list of new episodes, however, Ratred has a budget from a production company, and fit in 6 is being paid for by Anytime Fitness, so those dont come out of my pocket, The Landscaper does. And currently my money has to go to saving for new (well used, but additions to my current arsenal) machines and trucks that i will have to purchase if i get the account as planned.

            For some there is no such thing as too big, im one of those people.

            I hope that by 2008 I wont have to step foot on a lawn to cut grass again. I want to switch straight to film. I plan on Having my main manager of Environmental Design take over as the leader of the company and I will simply take a nice percent of the income.

            Honestly, Landscaping is beginning to bore me, and now that I have started making this film, I am completely engulfed by the process. Im in love, and i havent felt this way about work in years. Its all so new and creative, and constantly differnt. Each day is something totally new and crazy. Were subcontracting out some of the affects such as molding props to a company I have known for a long time, and they are bringing in these props that are incredible. Making a movie, to me is the ultimate experience in creation. I know what i want to be when I grow up


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