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A million dollar lco?

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  • A million dollar lco?

    What did it take for Ryan's company to break the $1 million dollar mark? Up to 140 employees! Yikes that is a lot of employees for a million dollar company.

    What do you thnk of this?

    The grass is greener - Ryan started his business in 1989, when he was still in high school.

    “It was just me and a couple of buddies,” he said.

    While studying accounting in college, Ryan kept the enterprise going. A scholarship to Mexico gave him a chance to learn Spanish.

    Still, when he graduated, he abandoned plans for a desk job.

    “I enjoy this work. I get a lot of satisfaction helping customers,” he said.

    But it was tough going in the beginning.

    “The money was pretty pathetic,” he admits.

    This year the company expects to gross about $1 million, which covers a payroll of 140 employees, some of whom are seasonal workers. Full-time staff includes four professional designers.

    “Half of the revenues will come from our landscaping business, the other from commercial maintenance,” Ryan said.

    In 1998, he brought in a partner, Pat McDonough, to handle work for commercial clients, seeking maintenance service. Many include homeowner associations, management firms and apartment complexes.

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