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If it's too tall, give him a call

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  • If it's too tall, give him a call

    "If it's too tall, give him a call"

    That's a funny motto that sticks in your head. Good for him.

    I applaud Cody for getting free press about his business and getting his photo in the article.

    Are you thinking about doing this? Have you sent out a press release about your company?

    Check out how he gets customers 'word of mouth.'

    And also check out how much he charges. Interesting.

    If it's too tall, give him a call - Kendall graduate Cody Rath started his own lawn-mowing business five years ago, Rath Lawncare.

    ďIt was my dadís idea, really,Ē Rath said. ďI wanted a summer job and it just seemed like a good fit.Ē

    After working a full day at Speere Equipment, Rath comes home to get his mower and start working for his own business. He usually mows about three hours a day, three days a week, depending on the weather and what lawns need mowing.

    Q: How did you get the word out about your business?

    A: Most of the advertising is done by word of mouth. I mow for a lot of family, friends and neighbors. Itís basically been the same group of people since I started besides ones that have moved away. I also have T-shirts that say Rath Lawncare and ďIf itís too tall, give us a callĒ. Theyíre $10 but itís not a moneymaker, just for fun. Iím actually thinking about changing the slogan, but Iím not sure what I want to change it to quite yet.

    Q: What do you charge?

    A: I charge per hour to start and then adjust from there. Itís usually $25 for the first hour and then $10 per hour after that. The initial $25 covers fuel and travel costs. This year I had to charge more because of gas prices so I bumped it up from $20 to $25. When I first started, I think I was charging $15 and $10 but Iíve had to move it up a little since then.
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