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    Quote[/b] (Team Gopher @ July 20 2006,6:07)]You know that is very interesting because they both appear and both are animated from my computer. Does anyone else find a problem with these images? Please let us know.

    Could you test it from another computer and see if they are animated there?
    I will try from another computer in a few minutes and report back. You know, with all these updates from Microsoft and all the other security software, anything is possible these days. Back soon. Joe


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      Ok..... I am at fault. I tried from another computer and it is animated..... Must be some "stop" in this systems sofware that has denied acces to the animation.

      Hey, you guys are great. I hope that I'm not the "biggest" pain on this board to date...

      Back soon with the many customer letters I have used in my business, and you guys better watch out for me here in Illinois, 'cause I'm gonna "cook" and beat out any competition... unless of course they too are using GOPHER SOFTWARE!!!


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        Glad to see it is working now!

        Looking forwards to your pictures and letters and other fun stuff!
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