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South Mississippians helping each other out

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  • South Mississippians helping each other out

    Here is an article that gave Shawn Cavanaugh a lot of attention because he said he would help out victims of Katrina. It makes you wonder if you could offer some community service in your area, would you generate a lot of media attention to cover your costs and then some?

    South Mississippians helping each other out - I own All American Lawn Care and would like to offer free lawn care (no strings attached) to five needy families. This is not a plug for my business; I don't care if you delete the name. It's just a willingness to help. I was very fortunate and sustained no damage from Katrina, and I just want to help those who were not as lucky. If any reader knows a needy family, please call or send an e-mail. I am licensed and insured. Shawn Cavanaugh, 860-8834,
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