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    Hi, and let me say thanks for this offer. What a generous use of talent. I'm looking for a logo. The company is "The Other Side Landscaping, LLC" and the tag line is "Our Grass is Always Greener". I would like to keep it simple using green and blue-grey. I am attaching a logo that I really like to give you an idea of what my mind's eye is seeing. It is the one for Green Valley. Obviously the posted image is copyrighted by the artist, but I just wanted to give you an idea of the style I liked. Thanks, I look forward to seeing some of your ideas!


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    Here is another one that I came up with. Again, just to give you an idea of where my head is. Thanks!

    **** Jason


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      logo idea


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        59, 60, 61, 62, 63


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          Hi. Thanks to both of you for your design ideas. I think that number 59 from tiger is where I would like to start. Can we make the blue and green a little darker, get rid of the box frame, right justify "Landscaping, LLC" and make the green line a little thicker with the tag line in it in white? Also, if the font could be a little rounder with a little closer kerning, kind of like Century Gothic or Tahoma (MS True type fonts). Thanks so much, I'm really excited to see this come together.


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            67, 68


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              Ok, now I'm torn. I love them both Great job. Thank you. Is there any way that I could get 68 in illustrator format? Thanks again, I love it!!!!!


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                Hi GreatBigTuna1,

                We will have #68 sent to your email in illustrator format. Please let others know of this site when you get a chance and if you place the image on your truck or shirt, can you send us a follow up picture. We would love it!

                Thanks to you too TigerDezine!


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                  Thanks again guys. I will be sure to let everyone that I run into know where I got it. Thanks again!


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                    truck view


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