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    Here is an interesting look at a business with 63 franchises in 22 states and 2005 revenues: $23 million. Notice some of the things they say.

    - They have a website to sign up customers.

    - What advertising methods worked 15 years ago don't work today.

    Interesting stuff! Things are always changing and we need to constantly figure out new ways to reach out to our customers.

    Greener pastures - Locally grown, the company operates on a national scale. Spring-Green has 63 franchises operating in 22 states.

    "Everything's really driven by marketing in this business," said Young. "We have to get and grow our customer base. And, we have to enable our franchises to do that."

    "Advertising methods that worked 15 years ago don't work anymore. There was an evolution in franchising in the past 10-plus years."

    One new innovation at Spring-Green is a Web site with sufficient information to allow a customer to sign up for a customized lawn-care program online.

    Most sales don't come off the Web site, Young said, but, "It's a big part of our business going forward.

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