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  • What's going to happen?

    In the past a union job was the job to get. Good pay and good benefits. Now that the world is changing due to more and more countries competing in this global economy.

    Will this help us as a nation grow? Will it force people to consider going into business for themselves and hopefully fuel innovation and growth? Or will this hurt us more and more? Since there won't be that safety net companies used to provide their employees?

    What's your view?

    Q&A: Is a Benefits Crisis Looming? -
    Q: Which sectors do you think are most likely to be affected?

    A: Primarily the old line, industrial, unionized companies are going to feel it the most. The contracts that the labor unions have been able to swing with companies like General Motors, the airlines, the steel companies or the 'rust belt' companies for example **** those contracts are cradle-to-grave compensations. Those are the ones that are going to feel it the quickest and the most, and they already are.
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