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Summer jobs = landscaping?

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  • Summer jobs = landscaping?

    5.3 percent of teens polled nationwide said they wanted to work in lawn care/landscaping this summer. Is this good or bad for the industry as a whole?

    What's your view?

    Teen summer jobs - A total of 1,474 teens participated in this year's national poll, according to JA, with 79 percent indicating that they planned to work this summer. As for the types of jobs teens plan to have this summer, it's pretty much what you would expect, with retail/sales at 27.5 percent and restaurants/fast food at 24.2 percent, followed by baby-sitting/day-care at 11.8 percent, office/clerical at 10.6 percent, lifeguard/recreation at 7.8 percent and lawn care/landscaping at 5.3 percent.
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    I think that they are just saying that, but once they start working they will want to do something less labor intensive


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