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    I thought this Q & A was interesting because it gave me an idea. The homeowner asking the question stated his church does lawn aeration as a fund raiser. What if you could set up something with your local church to offer this service as a spring fund raiser and give a certian % to the church. It would help the church and help you because it would get your name out there.

    Have you ever heard of anything like this?

    Q&A with a master gardener - Question: I am a long-time home owner who has an OK lawn. My church’s youth group promotes lawn aeration as a fundraiser every year; is this really necessary?

    Answer: Yes, spring core aerating is a highly recommended practice. Shallow holes will enhance water uptake while deeper holes of two to three inches aid in greater water absorption. An added benefit is that turf seeding may also be done during aeration.
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