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  • The next great business idea is always

    You never know when ideas from other industries will help you solve a problem in your industry. Check this new device out, it forces you to pay your car bill or you won't be able to drive the car.

    Can you imagine if you could do someething similar with a household or commercial irrigation system? Or something similar?

    I think this idea is going to be a big hit and find its way across the country.

    What do you think of this?

    Device puts brakes on defaulters
    System won't let engine start if car payments not made on time - The device, the size of a cigarette pack and mounted under the dashboard, flashes green if she has made a car payment on time. If she misses her $94 weekly payment, it won't let her car start.

    Starter-interrupt devices are becoming a popular way for lenders to ensure they get paid, and consumers seem willing to accept them to get into nicer cars, use a smaller down payment and qualify for a lower interest rate, according to device manufacturers.
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