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Life after the NFL

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  • Life after the NFL

    I always wonder what do the NFL players do after they get out of playing football. They have to do something I guess.

    Well Hank Fraley, The Eagles center is starting a landscape business in which he plans on working with his brother.

    That is kind of interesting. What a neat marketing angle he could use too. Especially if he would be doing landscaping in the Philidelphia area. I bet a lot of people would like to say they have his company working on their lawn.

    This goes back to the other post which talked about if knowing more people helps your business grow. Can you imagine if you had to compete against him? He would make it tough!

    Center battle taking shape - Hank Fraley is working on his long-snapping technique.

    He's also getting that landscaping business going in South Jersey with his brother, David, a veteran of Iraq.

    If all that sounds like a guy preparing for life when he's no longer the starting center for the Eagles.

    The landscaping business **** when time allows, Fraley himself can be found out there working **** is just another business venture. The long-snapping is just a football player trying to make himself as valuable as possible.
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