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What other businesses attribute their success too

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  • What other businesses attribute their success too

    As we study companies who have been around for a while, we see how important word of mouth advertising is for them.

    This company in specific has been around for 40 years and most likely has been in the same location.

    I would bet when they first were getting started, they really had to hustle with their marketing.

    When you are starting a new business, it can take years for word of mouth advertising to pick up enough to fuel the amount of new customers your business needs. Don't worry about this though, just keep working your marketing. Keep getting the word out. That is part of the challenge of going from a start up to an established business.

    Remember, you can do it!

    Gonzales Tire Company celebrates 40 years - Word-of-mouth has been a factor in the company's success, Jeff said.

    “As Ascension has grown, there is enough work to go around. Word-of-mouth can be one of the best ways to get new customers,” he said.

    But as Rhonda said, “word-of-mouth works both ways,” making quality service and honesty even more important.

    “We've really been blessed,” Rhonda said. “We just do our best and take care of our customers. We treat them with respect and dignity - that's the premise we run our business on.”

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