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    This is a pretty interesting idea. Scott Garth runs a landscape business but also sells storage space. The top secction of the storage space has an apartment where the renter can keep an eye on the storage space below. I hope this idea works out for him.

    Have you ever thought of getting into the storage business?

    Landscape and storage business - Scott Garth said he and his dad also saw a market for storage facilities featuring the kind of high-security ambience they intend to offer.

    The units will range in size from 5 by 5 feet up to 20 by 40 feet, and they'll come complete with climate control, computer-monitored security, a fence and keypad entry and on-site staff for about 12 hours a day.

    The upstairs apartment in the house is already leased, Scott Garth said, and will also offer an extra level of security: Part of the deal is the tenant will keep an eye on the property during the evening when staff isn't around, he added.

    He and his dad plan to have the first 180 rental units ready to open July 1, and they have room to add 150 more depending on demand, he said.

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