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    My rates are about the same as most in my area, although I'm sure there are a few higher and a few less. For instance, when I started my business 2 years ago I got a quote from a company for my lawn for $35 mowing only. I thought that was absolutely ridiculous, considering it took me about 25 minutes to trim, edge, mow and blow it myself. This actually is what prompted me to start my business. Today, my helper and I knock out my lawn in about 10 minutes. So I started to think what if I had a few lawns like mine, just in my subdivision. Then what if I had about 30...40...50..? All at about 10-15 minutes each with little drive time. Then what about all the other subdivisions I know of that are close by...and the ones I don't even know of, and the ones that are being built...!
    So this is how I started my business. Took one working element and duplicated it.

    As for the credit cards, that's a trick I learned from Justmowit and it's a golden one. What one may lose in fees, you make up in so many other ways that it's very much worth it. Last year my only method of payment was a check taped to the door the day of the mow. This worked well as it was instant capital, however there were many snags, such as people calling and signing up for bi-weekly, and going back in two weeks and there's no check. You can have, and I do, a 6 trip minimum, but people who give their credit card upon signing up are usually in it for the long haul, and I don't have to worry about that.
    Also our sheer volume makes up for any fees. If we were only doing 6-8 lawns per day that's one thing. But when you sit down and you're charging 24 cards in a row for the previous day, it's not so much an issue. I look at it as one lawn that we do in 9 minutes pretty much takes care of the fees for about 2 1/2 days of charges. Times 2 for the 5 day work week and you're looking at 18 minutes worth of work roughly to pay for your fees, added to the help pay which is another $10. I could easily spend well over 18 minutes printing and stuffing envelopes with invoices, and well over $10 in postage to mail them all out.

    Much like most of the details of this type of operation, I firmly believe it depends on the area you are in as to whether *credit card only billing is best for you. I think for most LCO's these days they need to at least offer it, as credit and now debit cards are so widely used. However, in some older parts of the U.S., many people still like the good ole' check by mail and they don't even use bill pay on computers. I guess I'm pretty spoiled here in Tech Central, TX.

    As far as other LCO's going with credit card


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      Well this is a great case study others reading I hope can learn from and consider!

      I do appreciate your insights.
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