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Q&A with Charlie Husak

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  • Q&A with Charlie Husak

    Here is an article about the lawn care business. In it Charlie Husak talks about his services.

    I think one of the things in this article that stood out was what Charlie suggested for add on services a lawn care business should consider offering. He suggests night lighting. He also does irrigation.

    Have you considered these add on ideas? What do you think of them? Good idea or bad?

    Polk City business puts a premium on lawns, customers

    Q. Do you have any plans for expansion or new products?
    A. We have diversified a lot since year one. Our core business is sprinkler systems and our five-step lawn program. We keep very busy, and it's hard to spin off of these services because we focus so much on them. However, in the last couple years we started doing night-lighting, and it has been an extremely successful add-on service.
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