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  • Rakin' in the dollars with the do

    I know we have talked about this a lot in the past but I wanted to continue to point out how much press this topic is getting. People seem to be more than willing to pay for this service.

    Rakin' in the dollars with the do - "Put it this way - of all the bills I pay, it's the only bill I don't feel bad about paying," said Allyson Fournier, a North Andover resident and small-business owner who discovered Dog-Gone-It seven years ago.

    Prices range from $US10 to $US15 for a once-a-week cleaning of a one-dog household.

    "The company grows this time of year because people usually let their dogs out back, and in the springtime the aroma starts hitting the open window," says

    Ken Petersen, the founder of Your Dog's Business.
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