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LCO's daughter learns business lessons

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  • LCO's daughter learns business lessons

    This LCO is teaching his daughter business skills by having her run a business of her own. She sells sno-cones but ran into a bunch of trouble. First there was a law regulating what time of year she could sell them and then there was the grocery store trying to get her to pay $1000 a month in rent.

    Well she sure is learning. I wish her the best with her business explorations!

    Have you noticed other business owners you know getting their children into business as well? if so, what kinds of businesses?

    Shave ice is forbidden fruit - It's already too late for Taylor Headman, who makes enough money with her stand and working for the family lawn-care business to pay for most of her clothes and all of her activities.
    "We wanted to teach her work ethic, budgeting and accounting," said her mother, Marni Headman.
    Her business faces another hurdle. The local grocery store where she was going to open her stand this year doubled its asking price from $500 a month to $1,000.
    At $1 per Snowie to $4 for a 32-ounce cup with toppings, that was too steep for Taylor.
    She hopes a central Provo gas station will accept an offer for the stand. Meanwhile, she has learned a number of lessons from her enterprise.
    One is that you can fight City Hall.
    Another is just as time-honored.
    "It's all about location, really."
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