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    Here are some thoughts from a guy who has been in business for many many years. I would like to point out two things in specific. The first is the importance of word of mouth advertising. The second is keeping your expenses low so you can pass that savings onto your customers.

    Certain business ideals never change.

    Brunswick resident looks back, ahead - The lawn mower repair business hasn't changed much over the years, Mr. Smothers. The machines are basically the same.

    "If you tell me what's going on with the machine, I can pretty much pinpoint what the problem is," Mr. Smothers said.

    Mr. Smothers credits word-of-mouth advertising for staying in business; he gets most of his customers from Virginia, Washington County and Frederick.

    "You stand behind whatever you do and don't take advantage of people," Mr. Smothers said.

    Low overhead expenses also keeps him from charging people "a cow and a calf," he said.

    He also suggests people stay in school. "Nobody can take your education away from you and sooner or later you're going to find it will pay off," Mr. Smothers said.
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