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  • In business since 1767

    You never know when or where you will find inspiration. This company Moon Nurseries has been in business for a long time. How does it stay in business? Well I would guess the customer quote below sums it up. "It provides premium material, priced accordingly."
    Maybe as your company grows you will find the need to grow and sell your own plants as well.

    Moon Nurseries has been growing since 1767 - "We had a good lock on [landscaping] everyplace from Washington, D.C., Baltimore, up into the New York City market. As the landscape division grew, the nursery also grew, and there was higher demand for product through the nursery. We have grown our business on a steady incline," Brinsky said.

    Brinsky, a 38-year-old Middletown resident, believes Moon is successful for one simple reason: It provides premium material, priced accordingly.
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