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    Here is a promotion that garnered a car dealership much publicity. Yes the dealership gave away $250,000 but we don't know how many cars or trucks they sold because of it as well as all the attention they got because of this.

    What if you came up with something similar? Something interesting and unique that would get people talking?

    Have you seen any other promotions lately that really attracted attention?

    Winter white brings spring green - With the slogan "$5,000 for 5 inches," the dealership declared that should it snow five inches or more on March 2, anyone who bought a car from Beard between Feb. 13 and 20 would receive a check for $5,000.

    When the flakes began to fall, the dealership was electric with anticipation. "It created a lot of excitement," said Beardís general manager, Glenn Barkley. "It added a little bit of fun to the shopping experience."

    The snow measured 6.16" bringing the total giveaway to nearly $250,000.

    Chris Joyce of West Barnstable purchased two trucks during the fated February week, which meant a grand total of $10,000 on March 2. "I was absolutely psyched," said Joyce.
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