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'Guerrilla marketing’ takes over

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  • 'Guerrilla marketing’ takes over

    Here is an interessting article talking about guerrilla marketing and how Lawn Doctor uses it. They also discuss the importance of word of mouth advertising.

    What kind of things are you doing or are you considering doing to create more word of mouth advertising for your company?

    'Guerrilla marketing’ takes over - “Guerrilla marketing? We do a lot of that,” said Sean Gallagher, a copywriter at Lawn Doctor Inc.

    It’s “big with some of the newer and youth-oriented things right now ... but it’s definitely becoming bigger and bigger in the consumer services market as well,” says Gallagher, who is also a research analyst at the lawn-care giant.

    “Word-of-mouth is important,” he said. “There’s no better sales tool for any service than a satisfied customer talking to his or her friends and family members.”

    Guerrilla marketing, as Gallagher puts it, means low-key low-cost advertising that creates big impact, and it can be as simple as parking a Lawn Doctor van with its distinctive green thumb in front of a crowded mall.
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