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New breed of robotic mowers

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  • New breed of robotic mowers

    Do you forsee this hurting the industry in the future?

    I can't see how these things will ever be able to operate without human monitoring. It just seems way to much can go wrong. Then it could turn into something out of that Stephen King movie Maximum Overdrive.

    I also think the price is way high to connect with the average home owner. But maybe over time if they catch on, it could drop.

    Japanese firm teams with Italian company to bring robotic mowers to U.S. market - Robotic mowers are not new to the United States, although they have never really taken off. Some of the machines are heavy, cannot travel up steep slopes and have other limitations.

    Tsuji believes the Zucchetti line can mow down the competition. The Ambrogio Evolution model, for example, operates on Lithium batteries, weighs only 21 pounds and can handle slopes as steep as 27 degrees. The Zucchetti mowers are not cheap, however, with prices ranging from about $1,200 to $3,000.
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