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Splitting Unilock PISA II Double Units!!!

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  • Splitting Unilock PISA II Double Units!!!

    BSDeality had posted on another site that he used a 20 Ton log splitter in a vertical position to split the blocks. Such a creative idea! Something for everyone else to consider if they ever need to do this.

    Please post some of your pics BSDeality if you get a chance !

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    here's the splitter i used. I already had it for a few years cause of all the firewood i split. It worked pretty well. I got a few replies on another site some people thought i was doing something wrong cause i couldn't get the blocks to break in 2-3 hits with a 3# hammer. Well, as a one man show i go a little slow to make sure i don't smash my fingers (no work = bad). Splitting 150 of these was not fun job, so i decided to try the splitter and it worked great. I've got another 75 to do next week some time. I'll see about getting more pictures for sure, and possibly a video clip.

    ... edit... the maximum size file attachment is 15k and the photo i have is 56k... so i turned the quality waaay down to shrink it to 14K...


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      as Gopher-Tech mentioned i used it in the vertical position, it was in transport mode when i took the picture.


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        Hi BSDeality,

        I changed the settings to allow for the posting of larger pictures
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          I posted some pictures with some details of the entire project so far at another site. If you wish to view it please Click This Link


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            Thanks BSDeality,

            Great idea you had! I hope this helps others! Why break your back when you have access to a splitter


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