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    Have you used the H2B guest worker program yet? Have you had any reflections on it good or bad?

    Here is one LCOs look on the H2B program and how it really has helped out their business.

    The New Immigrants - Ann Carter understands people's frustration with the hidden school and health care costs attributed to legal and illegal immigrants. But the last time she took out a three-day advertisement looking for lawn care workers, only three American citizens bothered to apply, she says. They set up appointments. One of those never showed. And the one she hired never came to work.

    "If it wasn't for my Hispanic workers, I wouldn't be able to stay in business," says Carter, who has operated Total Lawn Care in Blacksburg for 27 years.

    For a decade or so, she was able to get by with local folks and students, but dealing with "hung- over kids got really frustrating after a while."

    For the past six years, Carter has turned to the federal government's H2B guest worker program to fill about 10 positions a year.
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