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Ecology Landscape gets newspaper write up.

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  • Ecology Landscape gets newspaper write up.

    George has a great angle in this article. He differentiates himself from others in his field by focusing on ecology. He talks with his customers about 'microclimates.' He is standing out.

    Does this give you some ideas of ways you could stand out as well? Then send off a press release to your local paper to potentially get a write up of your company.

    The paper even gave the reader a way to contact George. For more information about Ecology Landscape, visit the firm's Web site at or phone 527-8052.

    They also included a great picture of him so as you read the article you get to know the man pictured. It's great!

    What do you think of this article? Is it a good promotion? Do you like it?
    Ecology plays big role in landscaper's business - "I started working in the landscaping field at the age of 7," Kerr said. "That's when I started helping my dad in his landscape business. I really hated it at that time, but later learned to appreciate growing things and landscape designs. Now I'm enjoying and am very dedicated to my work in this field."

    Educating his new clients is part of Kerr's responsibilities. "I often help them understand the microclimate in their particular area, and why certain plantings are best to include in their landscape design. I usually give them different options in finding a viable and creative solution to their needs and objectives."
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