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    It's amazing how strong the Nike brand is. They release these limited edition sneakers and it creates lines of people waiting all night long to buy them.

    Look at the sneaker. It's not even a good looking sneaker yet it's highly in demand. Doesn't this make you wonder how you could build your company's brand more? Could you build it to a point where there is a waiting list to be a customer of yours?

    That would be amazing!

    Business Week - Early on the morning of Apr. 21, several hundred sneakerheads, most in their late teens and early twenties, lined up outside the skateboard boutique Supreme, in New York's SoHo.

    Nike inspired them to wait outside all night for the privilege of paying $168 (plus tax). So long as Nike continues to choose cool color schemes, says Matt Powell, an analyst at SportsOneSource, it'll be able to keep this up "relatively indefinitely." Even Nike's competition must be tempted to stand up and applaud.
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