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  • Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs

    Here was an interesting video of Mike Rowe, host of the Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs. In this video he talks about how he has learned so much from doing the show and meeting the people across America who do the dirty jobs. How they are well balanced and happy people. How we need more people to enter trade schools and learn trades. And how he has learned that at times he just had things wrong in his mind. Where he thought THIS was the right way to do things but it ended up being THAT was the right way.

    Although I have to say I think people who work in structured jobs have more of a potential to be more stable because their daily routine is predictable. Where as those who run businesses, ride the highs and lows of living on that frontier where you never know for sure what will happen next.

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    Here is the link. The video is about 20 minutes.

    What do you think of it and what do you think of his show Dirty Jobs?
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    That was the best video I've seen in a long time!


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      Very cool video, Thank you for posting it Steve.


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