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  • After market car design business

    A friend of mine was talking to me and was saying how he always wanted to create after market parts for cars to make them look cooler or run better. He mentioned one of his favorite was Chip Foose.

    I think if I were going to get started in this, I would get an older car to fix up and I would make a website of the process.

    I would experiment and create fiberglass molds to bolt onto the car to make it look really sweet. Things like hood scoops, fender flares, fins, whatever.

    Then I would sell these after market parts.

    Maybe I would even create after market fiberglass body panels. Over time I would add more vehicles to this and create an online catalog.

    I would have videos on my site on how to fix up older cars and they would cover many areas.

    I would also be drawing cars with new designs, all day long and putting the drawings up on my site.

    I would have a forum to talk about cars on my site as well.

    I would also offer my restoration services to others as I got better at it and I would video the process.

    What thoughts do you have on this?
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    Yup, anything dealing with the auto business is popular. I'm a web designer/graphic designer out of my house. It makes good profit for a 17 yr old. I know I did a design for someone that was going to have it custom painted on their car and they paid me $900 for a simple design with their name put in it and a couple other things. It was a nice design but only took me 1.5 hrs. So anything dealing with auto can make some bucks and its fun!


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      Very interesting! Is this something you could show us?

      Also, why aren't you promoting your design services in your forum signature? Otherwise no one will know to contact you.
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        I will in the near future, You see I do quite a bit more then normal kids. I also have pretty much a full time job as a manager of a store. So with schooling, a design business, my manager work, and trying to get a lawn service up an running it gets pretty hard.

        I'm cutting back on the designs for a little so I can consontrate on the lawncare service. Because even though I make excellent money doing designs I would rather focus on starting a lawn service so I can be outdoors. My goal over the winter is to develop a "contract verifyed clientel" That way when summer hits I will be all set.

        So back to your question, I will put a signature up and give the URL to my gallery so everyone can see. I'm afraid if i start advertising here I might get some people wanting business cards made for the summer. (although I love helping people and would never turn anyone away) I personally rather consontrate developing a professional business. Soon I will notify my design business clients as well as yall that I'm taking design requests.


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