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A look at Ted Turner

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  • A look at Ted Turner

    Most people know Ted Turner as the founder of CNN. Did you know he is the largest private landowner in the country, with over 2 million acres?

    Is Ted Turner playing cowboy or hogging land? - Turner has amassed 2 million acres over the past two decades to become the largest private landowner in the United States. He owns land in at least nine states, with most of his holdings in New Mexico, Nebraska, Montana and South Dakota, and is restoring buffalo, cutthroat trout, wolves, black-footed ferrets and other flora and fauna that filled the Plains before the West was won.

    Turner's spokesmen say, the driving force behind Turner's land purchases is the desire to make money. Turner's Vermejo Park Ranch in New Mexico, for example, offers weeklong elk hunting excursions at $12,000 per person. He has also entered the restaurant business with gusto, opening more than 50 Ted's Montana Grill restaurants across the country that feature bison meat.

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