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The importance of a name when franchising

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  • The importance of a name when franchising

    Here is some interesting background information on a Pizza & Game Franchise that was started in 1964 as a single pizzeria.

    Jim wanted to rename his pizzeria to stand out from others. Ultimately "The Pizza Place" was changed to "Mr.Gatti's Pizza."

    Do you wonder if the name really made that big of a difference? Could the same level of success have happened with the name The Pizza Place?

    Have you ever been in a Mr. Gatti's? Kids just love them!

    Gatti's Pizza - In 1964, retired Air Force Lieutenant *****el James R. Eure opened a pizza and hamburger restaurant in his hometown of Stephenville, Texas. He and his wife moved to Austin, Texas; and in 1969, he opened a pizza restaurant in Austin under the name, "The Pizza Place." In order to identify themselves apart from the rest of the pizza places, *****el Eure undertook a name contest. *****el Eure's wife's maiden name was Gatti, which soon won out many other proposed names and The Pizza Place was renamed Mr. Gatti's Pizza.

    In 1974, Eure sold his chain of 18 Mr. Gatti's restaurants to a group of investors, but held on to a few franchises. The investors worked with *****el Eure in helping the company grow by establishing in Texas and many other states. The chain has since changed hands a number of times.

    By the 1980s, Mr. Gatti's took on a more modern look by adding a game room and a buffet bar into many of their restaurants.
    Gatti's Pizza located in Portsmouth, Ohio.


    Gatti's Pizza current has over 140 restaurants. Some Gatti's Pizza restaurants which are larger in size are called Gatti Town and sometimes Gattiland. In 2004, Blue Sage Capital bought the chain. Three years later in 2007, Blue Sage renamed Mr. Gatti's to Gatti's Pizza to reflect current trends.

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