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  • Screen Mobile franchise

    I love learning how other businesses got their start. I love old pictures of the early days of a business.

    This franchise Screen Mobile was pretty interesting to me.

    Here is their first trailer.

    The father and sons team of Monty M., Scott D. and Monty L. Walker, started The Screenmobile in 1980 with the dream, the concept and after months of planning, the business plan. Conceptually, it was to become the largest and best screening business the world has ever known, with honesty and integrity as the power source and expansion based upon franchising. These three founders envisioned hundreds of well trained independent operators following their proven business plan; all trained the same and all uniform in appearance, and attitude.

    Now they are a lot more smoother looking.

    It seems like a neat concept! We all need screens replaced every once in a while so why not offer the service! I don't know of anyone in my area that offers such a service. Maybe they could mix in glass replacement too!

    What's your view on this business franchise concept?
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