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How much for a dog cleanup franchise?

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  • How much for a dog cleanup franchise?

    So you are thinking about adding a dog cleanup service to your lawn care business. Now it appears to me, at first glance to be something relatively easy to make as an add on.

    But maybe not.

    So you want to buy into a franchise? How much are you willing to spend?

    Before you guess, be prepared to dig deep!

    A dirty job, but someone has to get rich doing it - Chris Decastro doesn't have the $50,000 yet to start a DoodyCalls franchise, but that's his goal. He left a job managing a lumber store in Maryland and is an operations manager for a DoodyCalls franchise. "I want to be a part of history," he says.

    DoodyCalls franchise owner John Bright says the modern-day alchemy is turning "poop into gold." A native of Britain, he developed the Gladiator receptacles for river walks, apartments and homeowners associations in the United Kingdom so that dog excrement can be deposited away from rats and the like. He has brought the invention to the USA, where revenue grew 80% last year and 50% more in the first half of this year. He says it's made him a millionaire, and he now has aspirations of joining the very rich.

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