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    This is a great podcast to get you started thinking about how to franchise your business.

    Startup BizCast #14 - How to Franchise Your Small Business (Rod Gardner)

    Listen here.

    Show description:

    In small business you canít just rest on your laurels once youíve built a successful organization. Itís best to make moves that will help it continue to grow. This growth can take a number of forms, including expansion to new locations, expansion of existing locations, selling dealerships, and selling franchises. In episode 14 of Startup BizCast, the small business advice podcast thatís shorter than your coffee break, we discuss the last of those options ó franchising.

    My guest this week is Rob Gardner, who has worked for the last 10 years with a variety of companies to help them plan and execute their franchising plans. Currently heís the VP of Franchise Development for Gutter Genius, a Richmond, Virginia-based firm that manufactures and installs metal gutter protection products. Gutter Genius has already sold a number of dealerships and is taking steps to begin selling franchises.
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