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    I think some thought will be needed to figure out what franchise % you can charge.

    When Kinko's was starting, they kept the initial franchise fee relatively low, it was $2000 in the earlier 1970's but Paul 'the owner' thought it was wise to have some type of fee to keep people out that weren't really interested in the idea and interested in working hard.

    That is why I was thinking the fee should be low for Tiger Time as well. Since it really is new and unproven, you may need to show some projected income $ amounts to attract potential buyers on request.

    How much they can expect to make with the franchise.

    You may even want to have the first couple close in proximity to you and have their initial franchise fee waived. Just to get the ball rolling.
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    I am giving away three at this point to the first three LCO's that would like to expand the business.
    After they are gone I have decided to go with 2000.00 buy in.
    10% of gross revenue to the HQ.
    3% of Gross revenue to be placed in a shared advertizing account. The HQ will release monies as it is approved for advertizing.
    I am also going to provide a profit sharing for all managers of the company.
    I am getting calls daily for work. This is an opprotunity that comes along once in a life time for some of us. I know it is for me.


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