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For those of you interested in Holiday Decor Services

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  • For those of you interested in Holiday Decor Services

    Here's an insite into holiday decorating services...listen & learn!

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    Very interesting post. Here are some of the highlights I got out of listening.

    - Contractors don't charge enough. They should charge what the market will bear.

    - Try not to do half the lights on a house with one type of lights, then run out and have to go to the store to buy more lights to finish the job that don't match.

    - Being bonded is a good idea because you are working on ladders. It's a good sales point. It may also be required in commercial work.

    - Suggests you start your holiday light jobs for residential customers in October. Commercial customers can be started earlier.

    - Claims you can net the same amount of profit with holiday lights that you net during the rest of the year in lawn care.

    - Claims a 30% profit margin on jobs. With biggest expenses being labor and decoration products.
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