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  • Bicycle Lawn Care Franchise

    I got tired of seeing that motorcycle lawn care being the top resort and thought to myself "why not do it on a bicycle" get one of those big chinese style passenger carrying bicycles that I guess they use as cabs and get a old school reel mower, machete for weed eating around obstacles scissor trimmers for hedges and a broom. Beat the high gas prices and equipment maintenance!

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    Sad to say some people beat ya to it.
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      Sad to say some people beat ya to it.
      Bahahaha finally a zero turn within my budget


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        hahaha yeah seriously, same here.


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          That would be a workout. Lol
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            There are a bunch of people out there that run a lawn care business with a bicycle and market it to be environmentally friendly.

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              That is the most retarded thing I have ever heard. Lawns themselves are not environmentally friendly after irrigation, chemicals and the fact that many lawns were naturally woodlands at one point (especially here in atlanta) as Cheese would say "Dumb hippies"


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                what does that lawn mower and string trimmer in the picture run on? urine?

                with that set up they are probably eating off of food stamps because there is no way they are making any money.

                fossil fuel is too integrated with todays world to eliminate and be free of.
                every thing we eat, wear, the home we live in to the lights in our homes revolves around fossil fuels.

                the tires on the bike they use is made by fossil fuel and even the steel they forged to make its frame is made by fossil fuel includeing the big machinery that dug up the iron ore to make it.

                hippie is just a substitute for the word hypocrite.


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